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Relieve Joints

Although it remains unclear how your genes play a part in joint repair, researchers have discovered that joint movement activates repair genes that help rebuild cartilage. Living an active lifestyle can activate those genes associated with the repair. However, understand that you don’t want to overdo exercise since it can have the opposite effect. When doing any kind of activity for healthy joints, always listen to your body and avoid over-exercising to avoid an injury.

How to keep your joints healthy

When choosing what types of exercises you can do to build healthy joints, variety is critical. A right balance of flexibility, muscle strengthening, and aerobic exercises can help you maintain joint health. Great options include:

  • Flexibility exercises. This includes pilates, yoga, and other similar movements to help maintain a full range of motion.
  • Low impact exercises. For low impact, you can take part in walking, swimming, and bicycling. These are easy to perform with little equipment.
  • Stretching exercises. Stretching exercises should be done before and after strength or aerobic training for improved performance and safety.
  • Weight training. Lifting weights strengthens muscles for improved joint stability. Remember to start light and work your way up to heavier amounts.
  • Cardiovascular exercises. These movements should be started at low intensity. As you grow older, avoid high-impact training such as running on hard surfaces, step aerobics, or jumping rope.

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