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EMS training in Dubai

By training with GYM ON’s EMS, you can achieve the results of a 90-minute workout in only 30 minutes!

Best EMS Gym in Dubai? We dare to say so...

We provide full-body EMS training, helping you to achieve a fit and toned look.

It’s a smart solution for every possible need in fitness and wellness, a progressive training method, which assures visible results in a few weeks.

Weight loss, muscles gain or a fit body? Set your goal and contact us.


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sarah hariri
sarah hariri
30 September 2023
The coaches are professionals, they help you to achieve your goal in a proper time.
Maryam Razooki
Maryam Razooki
5 July 2023
Absolutely love the machine and instructors, Lugen is just great and helped me get my post pregnancy body back - she actually makes working out fun!! Each session is different and exciting, cannot recommend them enough!
Yeyeu Ididud
Yeyeu Ididud
18 June 2023
Good place to get EMS based workout. Reasonably priced
seilla camci
seilla camci
15 June 2023
It was the first time I have tried EMS training and it was with Gym On Dubai, I started to see results after 2 weeks of constantly going, every 2-3 days and to be honest it seems like the easiest way to get in shape quick If you are consistent with the training, EMS with Gym On Dubai is your best option 🫶🏼 Their trainers have very different ways of training so you never get bored every time you go for a workout The fact that they have their own way of training but the same goal is amazing 🫶🏼
Haifa Aboufarah
Haifa Aboufarah
13 June 2023
I workout with Masry at Gym-On. He is nice and flexible which works well with my busy schedule. The workout itself helped me get more toned and lose few inches. My favorite result is the smaller waist. Thank you Masry and GymOn

Build muscles

Unleash your true potential through EMS Training and become the upgraded version of yourself.

Improve your fitness, sculpt your physique, and embrace a stronger, more confident you.

Weight Loss

Experience the magic of weight loss through EMS Training.

Sculpt your way to a stunning physique, and embrace the joy of looking and feeling good. Your transformative journey starts now!

Get a fit body

Discover the future of fitness with EMS Training.

Shape your body, stay fit, and experience a personalized approach to wellness.

Aim High. Reach your goals

A goal without a plan is only a dream.
Let’s make the plan together and be part of your dream.

We all want to keep fit, lose weight or build muscles.
But we’re all different and each of us needs a program tailored to our own objectives.

Join us and together we’ll find the perfect one for you.

Enjoy a 30 minutes trial session with no commitment.

Life at GYM ON EMS

What we do and how we do it & our awesome customers in action 💪🏼
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Frequently asked questions

EMS training is suitable for a wide range of individuals. However, those with certain medical conditions, pregnant women, and individuals with recent injuries should consult with a healthcare professional before starting
Absolutely, safety is a top priority at Gym ON Dubai, and we can confidently affirm that EMS training within our facility is secure. Our team of certified trainers is dedicated to providing a safe and effective fitness experience. Every EMS session is carefully customized to accommodate individual fitness levels and consider specific health conditions. This personalized approach ensures that participants not only achieve their fitness goals but also engage in a workout routine that aligns seamlessly with their unique physical capabilities and well-being.
The frequency of EMS sessions depends on individual goals and fitness levels. Our experienced trainers at Gym ON Dubai will guide you on an optimal schedule tailored to your specific objectives, ensuring maximum effectiveness.
Certainly! EMS Training is adjustable to different fitness levels, making it suitable for beginners at Gym ON Dubai. Our certified trainers will ensure that the intensity of the sessions aligns with your fitness level, providing a comfortable and effective starting point.
At Gym ON Dubai, we understand the value of your time, and that’s why our EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) sessions are designed to be both time-efficient and highly effective. Typically lasting around 20-30 minutes, these sessions may be shorter than traditional workouts, but don’t let the duration fool you – the efficiency packed into each moment is unmatched.

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